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Centurion technology strengthens your business, reduces service costs. 

Centurion is the first Local Area Network-based (LAN-Based) dispenser with EZ BUS™ electronics--the compact design that dramatically reduces the number of electronic components and connection points and makes maintenance much easier compared to competitive models. It provides marketers a lower cost of ownership--customers can add options by simply upgrading the dispenser. Just pick your body style, then choose the variations that make it most suitable for your operation. 

The VeriFone Ruby SuperSystem® combines card processing, fuel dispensing, dispenser card reader control and ECR functions to meet the needs of fast-paced petroleum/convenience-store operations—where quick customer turnaround, easy pump control and accurate record keeping are imperative
Environ Products Inc introduces The GeoFlex System as a total environmentally safe and continuously monitored underground fuel dispensing system.
EBW Auto Stik Tank Monitoring System

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    UL Listed
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    32 Column Impact Printer
    16 Key Data Entry Keypad
    NEMA 12 Enclosure
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